*We understand that adopting a puppy is a serious commitment and ask that you strongly considered the responsibility and expense of adopting a puppy before you proceed. Puppies are a life commitment that required attention, patients, and love. The time you put into your future companion will be reflected in the type of dog they grow to be. So be ready to take on this commitment because they will be devoted to you. That being said we try to set you up for success with the socializing we do with our puppies so they come to you balanced and ready to learn. The stipulations on the notification list, deposits and payments is to create an organized, structured, and fair system for all parties involved and to protect against those who would be deceitful.​

Deposits are $600 and are taken first come first serve as you respond to our email. The deposit is NON refundable, and is a holding fee for your pick in the litter, in order they were received. Our females are ultrasound at 30 days. Once we have puppy count I send out a mass email to all that are on the notification list and take deposits. Our deposits are non refundable unless the gender you requested isn't available or something happens to your puppy while in our care. We do not allow deposit holders to make their picks of the puppies until they are 6 weeks of age and we can evaluate their build, temperament and energy level. This helps families pick the puppy best suited for their life style. When pups are 6 weeks I email out photo albums and video of each puppy with their individual info, to the deposit holders in order of their deposit. We do not allow people to make their pick in persons as the pups have not been vaccinated at this age. If additional video or pictures are wanted we take those to help aid your pick. Deposit will be refunded in full if there is any issue of health with your puppy while in our care. The $600 is NO LONGER REFUNDABLE once placed as it is a holding fee for your pick and shows your commitment to one of our pups. Far West Shepherds reserves the right to FIRST PICK OF ANY LITTER. We accept Check for deposits on our puppies. We only accept cash for final payment at pick up, NO EXCEPTIONS. 

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For the health and safety of our puppies, we do not allow visitors to see the puppies until they have received their first booster shots from our vet at 8 weeks of age. Puppies are much like new born babies and rely on the immunity of their mothers and safety of our home to protect them from harmful viruses or disease they can contract being brought in from unknowing visitors. We understand this is inconvenient for those wanting to make their pick in person and understand if this causes you to go else where to find a puppy. We respect your decision. But the safety of our puppies comes first as we also owe it to the other families waiting on their pups to keep the litter as safe and healthy as possible. This precaution is advised by our vet and we take it seriously. If you have any question about our set up or want to see your pup we will be more than wiling to send you current phones or video anytime at your request. 

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All our puppies are priced between $1200 - $1500

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All our puppies go to their new homes with a one-year health guarantee against genetic defects and hip dysplasia. They will be examined by our vet at 8 weeks of age and you will be provided with their shot and worming record and schedule for future vaccination. They will come with an AKC microchip and the chip registration that your vet can administer to them at their first appointment. Your puppy also comes with their own folder full of info on their current vaccinations, future vaccinations, spaying/neutering, training, feeding, ect. A copy of their parents AKC pedigrees will be included. ALL PUPPIES ARE SOLD ON LIMITED REGISTRATION CONTRACTS AS COMPANIONS NOT TO BE BRED. 
*The puppy pack includes a supply of their current puppy food (Diamond Naturals Large Breed Food Lamb, Rice & Vegetable Formula). We litter box train our puppies (like a cat) as well as doggie door train them, so that potty training is an easier transition and they come to you with clean habits. 

People on our notification list will receive an email about future litters, after a breeding takes place and pregnancy is confirmed via ultrasound at 30 days. You  will be notified first when we are taking deposits on litters. All available puppies or deposit openings will be offered to those on this list before being advertised on our website. If you would like to be put on this list  please message us through the form on the Contact Us page, stating that you would like to be added to the notification list.​